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Day 98 – Small Scale Solar

Solar Calculator

The small scale solar application that we’re probably the most familiar with is the solar calculator.  As solar technology improves, we’re now seeing more and more accessories powered with photovoltaics (solar energy cells.)  Solar power can now be used to charge cell phones, sound systems, and patio lighting.  The hottest new thing is a backpack with a solar panel that can charge your electronics on the go.

Photovoltaic cells in solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity for either immediate use or for charging a battery for later use.  For me and my calculator this means never having to worry about turning it off because there really is no “off.”  The downside is of course if you don’t have enough sunlight to gain power.  My calculator does not work in the dark or under faint levels of light.

One thing to remember with small scale solar power parts: An item, like a calculator, may be made in one country, but the photovoltaic cell is only a part that may have first come from somewhere else.  It’s pretty much impossible for us to know where all of the parts of a particular item originate.  Please  begin to think about these things.  The next time you invent something, you can source the parts locally!