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Day 99 – Carbon Offset

Airplane Takeoff

A carbon offset is a fee that you pay to a company that is a calculated amount based on how many carbon emissions you used.  The fee usually goes towards supporting projects like renewable energy.  Some people refer to it as a “guilt tax,” but I think it is a good thing.  Helping renewable energy is only going to help our world in the long run.  I keep saying this, and I’m going to say it again…being in touch with the impact our lifestyles have on the environment helps us make better and better choices. 

Carbon emissions are emitted by transportation vehicles like automobiles and airplanes and by hour heating and cooling systems among other things, but they are also emitted indirectly by the things that we purchase.  Search online for a carbon footprint calculator to determine the amount of carbon emissions you contribute to the environment.  This is also called your carbon footprint.