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Day 97 – Host a Natural Scavenger Hunt

Two Acorns in Moss

What a perfect time of year for some fresh air and sunshine!  Gather your children and some friends and neighbors for a natural scavenger hunt.  Children spend more and more time in front of computers, cell phones, and televisions, so get them out of the house for a fun and educational event.

To have a scavenger hunt, make a list of items to find.  The items don’t all have to be easy to find, as long as they are possible to find, and the level depends on the age of the children.  Are your kids learning about the different types of trees in school?  One idea is to have them find and identify leaves as a part of a scavenger hunt game.  Make learning about nature fun!  Pass out the lists to individuals or groups.  The first person or group to find all of the items on the list and bring them back to you for verification is the winner!

Some ideas for your scavenger hunt list include different types of leaves, a stick, a feather, pine needles, and a stone.  For teens and adults, you can have a photography scavenger hunt to find a squirrel or bird, a solar panel, a reusable coffee cup, and a rain barrel.  The possibilities are endless!  This type of event is educational and can be a great team-building exercise for all ages.