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Day 100 – The National Geographic Green Guide

National Geographic Green Guide

Green Guide: The Complete Reference for Consuming Wisely is filled with information and tips for living a greener life.  The foreword is by Meryl Streep.  Has anyone else noticed how many books the gorgeous, prolific Meryl has stamped with a foreword?

I recommend reading this book.  You’ll find practical information and advice for making every day decisions.  Here is a quote to give you an example: “Bags, shoes, wallets, and belts – small purchases, but they can have a big impact on the planet.  Look at the material as well as the design.  Is it leather?  Is it PVC?  Was it made in a sweatshop?  You may not be able to make all of your accessories 100 percent green, but some change is better than none.”  The text continues with more details.

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.  It is true.  The more we know about how and where things are made, the better decisions we will all make in our day-to-day lives.

Day 77 – Green Your Home

Natural Family Room - Photo by: Courtesy of Interior Visions Designs, Inc.

Green design, a specialized segment of interior design, is designing your home with eco-friendly choices including the building shell, systems, and furnishings.  I am an award-winning green designer and speaker.  I love to share how to go green in your home, at work, and in your daily life.  You can read another blog by me on behalf of my “partner in green” and I by going to:

There are a lot of complex issues when greening your home.  Is an item made as locally as possible?  Are there toxins in the fabrics and finishes that will create poor air quality leading to sick building syndrome?  What kind of dyes and adhesives are used in your home, and are they cancerous?  This blog provides definitions, interviews with other expert green building professionals, book reviews on the hottest green interior design books, and other information specifically to green your home.

For more information about hiring a green designer, go to  or contact me through this blog post.  We are happy to work with you virtually through e-mailing from the comfort of your home also.  In addition to designing, I also give seminars and webinars about green design and eco friendly living.  Contact me for more information!

Day 3 – Food Life

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver


This book is a must-have for anyone on an eco journey.  Food is such a big part of our lives, and I’ve learned that the processed fast foods (and that includes frozen foods and quickie foods of all types) are, well, really bad for us.  You may say, “Duh!”  However, even seemingly healthy foods like corn on the cob aren’t what they seem.  I have to say that changing the way we eat doesn’t happen overnight – it happens one ingredient at a time.  Today’s tip is to read this book.  I’m interested in your feedback.  In some future posts, I’ll mention some specific ingredients that I use and what to look for on the labels.

Source: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Learn More at

Day 2 – A New Toothbrush

Preserve Toothbrush by Recycline


My trek for an eco friendly toothbrush led me to this one.  I’ve been using this brand for over a year now, and I really like it.  The toothbrush handle is 100% recycled and made from recycled yogurt cups.  The bristles are made of new nylon.  Plus, the toothbrushes are made in the USA.  Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are from countries around the world, but from a practical standpoint the closer to your home an item is made, the fewer carbon emissions.  It gets even better, though!  When you’re finished using your toothbrush, you gather your and your family members’ toothbrushes, download a postage paid label from Recycline’s Preserve Products website, find a shipping envelope (perhaps reusing one someone sent you something in), and send it back to them.  They recycle it again and make it into new products.    


Day 1 – Introduction

Hello!  I am going green, becoming more eco conscious and eco friendly, changing my microcosm world while improving the entire world one day at a time.  This is about green living tips and ideas.  I am going to share with you day by day my eco experiences including some things that I’ve already been doing as well as some new things I learn along the way.  My hope is that you learn and grow along with me.  Join me as we make the world greener day by day.  Please consider subscribing so that you don’t miss anything!