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Day 100 – The National Geographic Green Guide

National Geographic Green Guide

Green Guide: The Complete Reference for Consuming Wisely is filled with information and tips for living a greener life.  The foreword is by Meryl Streep.  Has anyone else noticed how many books the gorgeous, prolific Meryl has stamped with a foreword?

I recommend reading this book.  You’ll find practical information and advice for making every day decisions.  Here is a quote to give you an example: “Bags, shoes, wallets, and belts – small purchases, but they can have a big impact on the planet.  Look at the material as well as the design.  Is it leather?  Is it PVC?  Was it made in a sweatshop?  You may not be able to make all of your accessories 100 percent green, but some change is better than none.”  The text continues with more details.

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.  It is true.  The more we know about how and where things are made, the better decisions we will all make in our day-to-day lives.