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Day 92 – Read “Earth Talk”

Earth Talk

This cute little book called Earth Talk is filled with “Expert Answers to Everyday Questions About the Environment.”  Here are some of the intriguing questions posed – and answered – in this book.  “Are ‘silver’ dental fillings, which contain mercury, toxic?”  “I’ve been hearing that wind power is going to play a significant role in our energy future.  But doesn’t it kill a lot of birds?”  “What impact does mining for diamonds and other gems have on the environment?”  “What’s behind the startling explosion of nut allergies among children?  Is it changes in the kids, the peanuts, or the processing?” 

I am not going to give away the answers.  I know, I know…sorry!  But, that will encourage you to go out and find this book and read it.  It is a simple format to read.  The chapters are main headings that are filled with questions followed by their answers.  Even the experts don’t know everything, so not all of the questions were answered to quell my curiosity, but I learned a lot and found the book interesting and worth the read.

Day 82 – gDiapers


These attractive diapers come with inserts that can be flushed, composted, or tossed with no worries.  There is no plastic in these diapers.  Unlike plastic diapers which have a terrible environmental impact and, according to gDiapers, can last in landfills for 500 years, this eco-friendly diaper alternative is better for the environment. 

These diapers have earned Cradle-to-Cradle certification.  According to gDiapers’ website: “gDiapers have no elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no smell, no garbage and no guilt.”  They are the best of a cloth diaper and a disposable one.  Plus, I have priced them against good quality plastic diapers, and the price is comparable.

Calling all moms with little ones out there…please try them and tell me what you think!  I have no benefit save a fascinated curiosity and wonder.

Source: gDiapers website