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Day 97 – Host a Natural Scavenger Hunt

Two Acorns in Moss

What a perfect time of year for some fresh air and sunshine!  Gather your children and some friends and neighbors for a natural scavenger hunt.  Children spend more and more time in front of computers, cell phones, and televisions, so get them out of the house for a fun and educational event.

To have a scavenger hunt, make a list of items to find.  The items don’t all have to be easy to find, as long as they are possible to find, and the level depends on the age of the children.  Are your kids learning about the different types of trees in school?  One idea is to have them find and identify leaves as a part of a scavenger hunt game.  Make learning about nature fun!  Pass out the lists to individuals or groups.  The first person or group to find all of the items on the list and bring them back to you for verification is the winner!

Some ideas for your scavenger hunt list include different types of leaves, a stick, a feather, pine needles, and a stone.  For teens and adults, you can have a photography scavenger hunt to find a squirrel or bird, a solar panel, a reusable coffee cup, and a rain barrel.  The possibilities are endless!  This type of event is educational and can be a great team-building exercise for all ages.

Day 78 – Share Ideas

Elk Calves Sharing Water

We all need a little help from our friends!  One way to help each other go green is to share your ideas.  Through sharing, we can learn from each other, talk through issues, and move forward together down a more eco friendly path.  Here are some ideas to get your gears turning:

1.     Host an eco-friendly party.  Tell people that your party is eco-friendly and set an example by using reusable plates and utensils, by serving locally grown food, and by using natural decorations.  Read eco tips from books or make up an eco-education game.  Use the opportunity to share what you’re doing with your friends.
2.     Talk to your supervisor at work about making your work place more eco-friendly.  Bring some suggestions or e-mail some links and be the leader by starting to implement eco-friendly practices.
3.     Comment on blog posts.  Do you like the post content?  Do you have more information about the topic?  Maybe you disagree with something.  Start a dialogue.  Share your ideas with others!
4.     Tell people that you appreciate the eco-conscious efforts that they’re making.  They may not realize they are being eco-friendly, but they probably will take the appreciation…and the credit!  “I’m glad you’re serving our coffee in reusable mugs.”  “Thank you for riding your bike today instead of driving.  This saves carbon emissions and helps the planet.”
5.     Be the voice for the planet.  Whatever event you are planning, volunteer group you’re leading, neighborhood block party to which you’re bringing food, or person at the checkout counter at the store to whom you’re talking, be the voice that shares your eco story with others.  “I am brining my own bags because…I think we should consider using real plates instead of paper…I made this chicken casserole with organic and locally grown food,” etc.

Day 14 – Party Greener

Eco Friendly Party Buffet


Here in the Midwestern USA, our families and friends have picnics and parties throughout the summer.  It is so much fun whether we are at someone’s home, packing food for an outdoor concert, or meeting at a park for a picnic!  However, hosts will provide plastic cups, paper plates, paper napkins, packaged food, etc. which multiplies their trash volume for the week.  Let’s face it, it’s convenient!  In other words, throwing a greener party might be a little bit more challenging, but hey, you’re up for it, right? 

Here is a link to an article written by Michelle Banks Watt and me called Get Green with Style Eco Friendly Party Makeovers:  

If paper and plastic utensils are still a must, here is are some options.  Bambu Products makes single-use plates that biodegrade. They’re sturdy, so you don’t need to double-up, and they are attractive for even the most sophisticated party.  Eco Products is another option.  They have paper plates that are 99.9% recycled and completely compostable, too.  

Remember that biodegradable and compostable products don’t mean you can throw them into your normal trash!  Things will not biodegrade in a landfill because landfills are designed to keep out sunlight, air, and moisture (the key ingredients for decomposition).  I’ll talk more about this topic in an upcoming post on composting. 

Enjoy the season of outdoor parties!