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Day 60 – Don’t Litter


If there is one thing that really gets to me, it is people throwing their cigarettes out of the car window (or out in the grass, woods, etc. for that matter.)  You can’t pollute your own car’s ash tray, but you can leave these pesky little things all over the place for someone to – oh yes – pick up by hand later. 

During my teens and early twenties, I worked at a beach where it was punishment for a patron – usually also a teen – to go around and pick up an entire beverage cup full of cigarette butts.  During my mid-late twenties, I volunteered for Adopt-a-Highway and picked up trash to keep our roads and towns beautiful. 

I encourage this type of volunteer activity for everyone because you really learn to just not litter in the first place.  Not only does litter make our roads, towns, parks, and yards unsightly, but it also is bad for wildlife who sometimes mistake our trash for food and inevitably some animals die. 

So please PLEASE do not litter.  It is not hard to bag up your takeout and toss it at the next gas station in the conveniently located trash bins nor is it so difficult to use your car’s ash tray the way it was intended.  It’s selfish and just not fair to expect other good-hearted people to clean up after your mess.

Photo courtesy of Ali G. Photography.