Day 93 – Say NO to Bleach

Nature Bright


…say HELLO to Nature Bright! 

Okay, so some people like the smell of bleach, but isn’t it like liking the smell of gasoline or rubber cement or other equally terrible things to breathe?  To me, a clean house smells like…well…nothing!  I suffer from allergies, and indoor pollutants like chemicals and perfumes make me feel worse.  Maybe you like the smell of it, but are your children suffering…or your pets? 

I use Nature Bright for my laundry and stain removal.  It is an “effective alternative to chlorine bleach. [and is] Color safe and can be used with any washable fabric.”  It is of course bleach-free, but is also natural, biodegradable, and contains no phosphates.  Plus, it is 60% more effective than the leading brand on grass stains! 

Don’t suffer anymore.  Support your children with allergies and asthma by eliminating harsh cleaners from your house.  Choose alternatives like this that are safe and effective.

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